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Full Service Storm Restoration Service in Wheaton

First Home Improvement Inc. is the number one choice for residents and business owners to help them recover after a storm. Did you know that from 2010-2016 there was over 6,000 reports of large hail according to the National Weather Service? In fact hail is one of the leading reasons for emergency roofing and siding replacement. Whether your roof was damaged by hail, heavy rains , high winds or even  a tree falling on your house from a storm we are here to help! First Home Improvement, Inc. works with all the major insurance companies and will fight on your behalf to make sure you get exactly what you need to protect your home and family in the future. 


How 1st Home Improvement Helps with Storm Damage Recovery to residents in the Wheaton area:

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Easily identify roof damage caused by hail

1st step: Check Metal Parts of Your Roofing

Believe it or not, but the parts of your roofing that are made of metal will actually show the signs of hail damage more apparently than other materials like shingles. If you have metal roof vents, flashing, etc on your roofing, look to see if you can see any dents.  

2nd step: Look for Ridge Cap Damage

Most residential roofs in Wheaton Illinois feature a ridge cap at the top of your roofing. The ridge cap is typically flat and because of this is more susceptible to roofing hail damage. At this time you (or our team of professionals) will also check the shingles in the immediate area  for any signs of damage.


Other Major Signs

The three most common signs of hail damage to your shingles are:

Hail Damaged Roof Restoration in Wheaton Illinois

Hail storms can wreak havoc on homes – many times without homeowners even realizing it. 

Our experience team offers free roofing inspections after storms tear through Wheaton. This allows us to spot problems before they become large issues for homeowners. When it comes to damage rendered to your home’s roof we find that asphalt shingles are more likely to be impacted. When an asphalt shingle is damaged by hail the fiberglass in the shingle may become fractured leading to significant granule loss. When these granules are displaced it exposes the underlying portions of the shingle to the elements. This can greatly reduce the effectiveness and lifespan of the roof. 

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Siding Damage Restoration Wheaton Illinois

Get Your Home’s Curb Appeal Back To Great With First Home Improvement Inc!

Not only can major storms affect your roof, it can also damage your siding as well. Siding damage from storms can include holes, tear offs, and complete failure.  You can’t leave your home exposed to the elements for long.  Rely on the professional siding services at First Home Improvement Inc. to make sure your home is protected in the future.  We will restore your home to greatness again! 

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Wind Damage Restoration Wheaton

High winds and flying debris can damage many components of your home’s exterior. If you have wind damage to any of the following contact us today for a FREE inspection & quote. 

Emergency Response

Don’t wait for further damage to be done. First Home Improvement Inc. offers emergency response for board ups, tarp ups and support. 

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